Tuscany for foodies: the ultimate itinerary of the best Tuscan food – part 1

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Tuscany for foodies: the ultimate itinerary of the best Tuscan food – part 1

Cold meats, cheeses, pappa al pomodoro, panzanella, ribollita, castagnaccio, crostini with chicken liver, tripe … Tuscan cuisine is really full of delicious dishes. When you visit this wonderful region, choosing what to taste is really difficult and you risk to miss out on some unmissable treats!
Follow us in this foodie itinerary to discover the best Tuscan foods province by province, including famous dishes and lesser-known specialties to discover the best of the best.
First stop: central and southern Tuscany.


Nomen Omen: her Majesty the “Fiorentina” is the dish par excellence of the Tuscan capital. The queen of the beef steaks – preferably of Chianina meat – must be 3-4 centimeters high and is cooked on the grill no more than five minutes per side to maintain the inside rare. Never, never, never ask the Florentine well cooked: for a Tuscan, it’s an heresy!

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If you are in Florence, do not miss the chance to taste Lampredotto, the traditional Florentine street food. Be careful, however: is not a dish for everyone. It is, in fact, entrails, precisely the fourth stomach of the cow, boiled for hours with aromas and served in a sandwich soaked in the broth and accompanied by a delicious “salsa verde”.


Famous throughout Tuscany, the stewed boar is one of the main dishes of Grosseto cuisine. The secret of his goodness? The meat is marinated all night with red wine, sage, bay leaves, juniper berries, rosemary cloves and garlic to give it the unmistakable taste and its softness.

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Ricotta and spinach Maremma tortelli are also excellent: they were the festive days dish in the country tradition: the classic recipe accompanies them with a very tasty ragout, made with hare or – of course – wild boar.


The undisputed pride of the Livorno cuisine is the Cacciucco. It is a peasant fish soup in which the different ingredients – crustaceans, molluscs, octopus, cuttlefish, cicadas, scorpionfish, mussels, with the addition of tomato sauce and wine – are put to cook at different times and allowed to boil slowly .



Inevitably accompanied by toasted garlic bread, the cacciucco is really one of the most popular Tuscan dishes and you definitely can not miss during your holiday!


If you visit the city of the Palio – and your really should – taste the Pici, a shape of pasta typical of this area and Val di Chiana area, similar to big spaghetti. The traditional seasoning is “all’aglione”, but they are also excellent with game.


Do you prefer sweets? No problem, Siena is home of Ricciarelli, Cavallucci and Panforte: they are the traditional Tuscan desserts in the Christmas period, but here you can find them all year round!


In the city of the leaning tower, taste the Torta co ‘bischeri. Short pastry on the outside and a rich and tasty filling: chocolate, candied fruit, raisins, pine nuts, boiled rice, eggs, nutmeg and liqueur. The name derives from the “bischeri”, the characteristic folds of pastry that decorate it.

Do not you already have mouthwatering? Do not miss the next post to discover the other unmissable Tuscan dishes.

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