Located on a hill dominating Val d'Elsa, San Gimignano is one of the most peculiar hamlets in Tuscany, which has always kept its charm unaltered over the centuries and became a must-go destination for those seeking the authentic atmosphere of a small town that it also preserves artistic treasures from the XIV and XV centuries.

Tuscany, you know, is a destination full of attractions, hidden gems and very popular spots, but, if you are in Italy for the first time, or you've planned a long stay in BelPaese, you could be interested in an itinerary through three different destinations, including the main cities and some best-kept secrets.

Some couple love it, for some other it’s just another day of the year. Whether you think of Valentine’s Day, why don’t you take the opportunity to surprise your other half with a charming and luxury getaway? We found for you the 5 most romantic hotels in Tuscany, perfect for every taste. Residenza D’Arte If you are looking for something unique, that’s your choice. Residenza D’Arte is a hotel like [...]

Tuscany is the land of wine, it’s well known. What you may not know is that “the nectar of the Gods” is not only a delight to be tasted in a glass, but it is also a powerful ally of your beauty and well-being. Read on to find out what wine therapy is and to discover the best places to do it in Tuscany. What is wine therapy? Wine therapy – [...]

Torn between a wellness escape, a foodie vacation in the countryside or a cultural getaway at the discover of art cities? You’re lucky: in Tuscany you don’t have to choose. We have found for you the best hotel for a Yoga retreat in Tuscany, to help you organize your meditation holiday and meet your inner spiritual side between a glass of wine, a delicious pasta and a sightseeing. Grotta Giusti [...]

Who doesn’t know the gentle hills of Chianti, the extraordinary historical cities or the golden coasts of the Tyrrhenian Sea? Tuscany and its wonders are famous all over the world, yet there is one side of this region that has remained hidden. Still unknown to mass tourism, the enchanting mountains of the Tuscan Apennines are the ideal destination for a winter holiday on the snow and a real paradise for [...]

Imagine a warm pool under the night sky, a glass of champagne, a whirlpool tub and a menu full of Tuscan delights. Can you think of a better way to wait 2019? If the answer is no, we agree. We have found the best proposals to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Tuscany at the spa, for a luxurious and relaxing last night of 2018. New Year’s Eve in a bathrobe: [...]

Tuscany is a region rich in landscapes and evocative atmospheres. Visiting it in the car is fun, walking around is fascinating, but discovering it on horseback is an absolutely unique experience. We have chosen for you the best horseback tours that will make you experience Tuscany as you have never done before. Wine and horses Trekking and food and wine come together in an exclusive experience to make you experience [...]

An unmistakable scent and a taste that tickles the palate with its intense and delicate aromatic notes at the same time. The truffle is one of the finest products of the Italian gastronomic tradition and reigns supreme on the tables of our region. Not all, however, know how to enhance its characteristics, and often we end up covering the flavor devaluing its goodness and value. But many are the precautions [...]

Playing golf is an activity that requires a considerable commitment, not only physical but also and above all mental: concentration, precision and constancy are the fundamental prerequisites for a manual performance. What’s better then, at the end of a busy day of games, a good meal to refresh your body and mind? Golf Club Tirrenia Viale San Guido 56128 Tirrenia (PI) The Natural Park of San Rossore is home to [...]

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