Just 10km from the Tuscan coast, the Island of Elba holds real natural and cultural treasures, which cannot be missed if you are visiting Tuscany. In this article, we propose a weekend itinerary starting from the discovery of the history of the island up to immerse ourselves in its natural beauties, but first some information on how to reach it. How to get to the Island of Elba To reach [...]

A lifetime would not be enough to discover all the beauties that Val d’Orcia holds, but one day can be enough to let yourself be delighted by its atmosphere to the point of wanting to return again and again. We have thought of a one-day itinerary for you to discover this enchanting valley, starting from Montepulciano up to Montalcino, passing through Pienza and San Quirico d’Orcia. A journey through history, art, good food, and excellent wines that are just waiting [...]

The Florentine steak is definitely one of the most famous Tuscany’s typical dishes, known and appreciated all over the world. If you are a meat lover, tasting an authentic Tuscan Florentine is a must, at least once in life. We have selected for you the best trattorias and osterias where you can eat it around Tuscany … but first a little history! The origins of the Florentine steak The history [...]

Known all over the world as a land of hamlets, green hills, art cities, sea, where culture and nature merge perfectly, Tuscany has always been considered a charming place and appears to be among the most preferred destinations for photography enthusiasts. We found for you the best places to take photos in Tuscany: take advantage of these fall weekends to find out and visit these wonders of priceless beauty scattered [...]

We all know it: Tuscany is a land full of wonders to discover, a paradise for those who come visit. Yet, few know that autumn months, especially September and October, are the best time to visit this region rich in art and breathtaking landscapes. If you want to treat yourself with a relaxing escape, good food and wellness, you absolutely cannot miss Tuscany this fall.  The region becomes a truly [...]

Are you dreaming of a weekend where you can combine nature, special waters with exclusive properties and lot of relax? Thanks to the presence of numerous thermal water deposits, Tuscany is the Italian region that boasts the most free natural spas. Let yourself be captured by the pristine beauty and give yourself a wellness stay! Here is our selection of the most beautiful and unmissable natural spas in Tuscany, where [...]

Tuscany is undoubtedly a land that promises wonders! A trip to this region always becomes an immersion with all five senses in a unique atmosphere, full of colors, scents, sounds and flavors. Its cuisine is an excellent vehicle to express and divulging its own history and local traditions, still considered very important by the Tuscans today. But which and how many restaurants are awarded with the famous stars assigned by [...]

The starred restaurants of Tuscany overlook art cities, historic villages, hills and panoramic views with a unique charm. All of these restaurants boast a particular attention to the quality of raw materials and local products and, thanks to the personality of every chef, who express their own creativity with delicate masterpieces that gratify the palate. Tuscany with 36 awards, ranked fifth in the Italian Michelin Guide 2019 for the number [...]

  With the spring approaching, the trees begin to bloom giving us breathtaking shows and the desire of an escape into the nature! Planning a weekend to discover a world made of perfumes, flowers, colors and magic will make you feel more charged and more serene. Our guide to the most beautiful Tuscany gardens will help you discover a wide and wonderful choice of green corners of authentic beauty that [...]

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