Michelin starred restaurants in Tuscany 2021: Michelin stars list, photos and prices

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Michelin starred restaurants in Tuscany 2021: Michelin stars list, photos and prices

Tuscany is a land of art, history, and enchanting landscapes.
In this corner of paradise, one-of-a-kind restaurants where food is elevated to art could only flourish, pure expression of the mastery of the Chefs.

The renowned Michelin Guide this year awarded as many as 43 Tuscan restaurants, reconfirming this region as one of the most awarded in Italy.

We have prepared for you a guide to discovering the Tuscan stars, including enchanting locations and dishes that will surprise your palate, dividing them by area and assigned stars.

List of restaurants divided by area and stars

Florence area

3 Stars

Enoteca Pinchiorri

The success of Enoteca Pinchiorri began in 1980 when it earned its first Michelin Star, to reach the much sought-after three stars in 2004 and become one of the most prestigious restaurants in Italy.

Since then, the spouses Giorgio Pinchiorri and Annie Féolde have never stopped offering dishes of the highest quality in an elegant and comfortable environment, which distinguishes the restaurant in the heart of Florence.

Prices: Tasting Menu 5 courses, 150€
Website: Enoteca Pinchiorri

2 Stars

Santa Elisabetta

In the beating heart of Florence, the Santa Elisabetta offers a minimalist and essential cuisine, with special attention to detail and served in a unique location of its kind: the ancient Byzantine Torre di Pagliazza, inside the charming Hotel Brunelleschi.

Prices: Tasting Menu “Chef Experience” 9 courses, 179€. Tasting Menu “In-contaminazioni” 7 courses, 149€. Tasting Menu “Tracce di innovazione” 5 courses, 124€.
Website: Santa Elisabetta

Borgo San Jacopo

Overlooking the banks of the Arno, the Borgo San Jacopo restaurant offers authentic cuisine, where flavors, colors, and shapes come together in the hands of the Chef Claudio Mengoni, to become unforgettable dishes.

Website: Borgo San Jacopo

La Bottega del Buon Caffè

From their gardens to your dishes, at the Bottega del Buon Caffè you can enjoy seasonal dishes with the freshest ingredients that reflect the gastronomic heritage and the Florentine and Tuscan culinary art.

Prices: Tasting Menu “La selezione dello Chef”, 135€. Tasting Menu “Vegetariano”, 130€.
Website: La Bottega del Buon Caffè

Gucci Osteria da Massimo Bottura

In the center of Florence, this modern tavern bears the signature of Chef Massimo Bottura, with a young cuisine that reworks recipes from other countries, without ever forgetting Italy, however.

Prices: Tasting Menu “Capitolo Rinascimento”, 100€. Tasting Menu “Il Mondo Attraverso I Nostri Occhi”, 130€.
Website: Gucci Osteria da Massimo Bottura


La Leggenda dei Frati

Deeply linked to Tuscany and the ingredients and raw materials that this region offers, La Leggenda dei Frati offers a cuisine full of passion and desire to experiment to never stop growing and amazed.

Prices: Menu “Per noi classici”, 115€. Menu “La via di mezzo”, 130€. Menu “Gran menù dei frati”, 145€.
Website: La Leggenda dei Frati

Ora D’Aria

Ora D’Aria has a mission: to offer its guests a relaxing and pleasant break, a moment of detachment from the frenzy of daily commitments, an hour of air from routine.

Website: Ora D’Aria

Il Palagio

A refined environment, classy wines, and typically Italian cuisine are what awaits you at Il Palagio, a restaurant in Florence that lets you discover the magic of the city through its cuisine.

Website: Il Palagio


Virtuoso, under the guidance of Chef Antonello Sardi, offers gourmet cuisine that reinterprets the dishes of the Tuscan culinary tradition, enhanced by the bond and genuine love for the Tuscan territory and its excellent raw materials.

Website: Virtuoso

La Torre

Chef Giovanni Luca Di Pirro is convinced that innovation is to concentrate and respect the character of the raw materials, managing to keep them distinct even in the most complex dishes: this is the philosophy that has brought his restaurant, La Torre, up to here.

Osteria di Passignano

Established in 2000, Osteria di Passignano rediscovers Chianti and its cuisine, so linked to the traditions and passion for wine.

Prices: Tasting Menu “Identità Toscana”, 140€. Tasting Menu “Inn pORTO”, 140€.
Website: Osteria di Passignano

Siena area

2 Stars


Originally a seventeenth-century private home, since 1994 Arnolfo has been offering gourmet dishes overlooking a splendid view of the Tuscan hills, an iconic and evocative landscape, perfect for enjoying a unique experience.

Website: Arnolfo

1 Star


L’Asinello was born in the heart of Chianti, from the passion of Senio and Elisa for cooking and hospitality.

Senio gives life to dishes that guide the palate in an experience different from that of a traditional restaurant, and Elisa completes everything by guiding the room, an old stable characterized by warm and refined furniture, where the common thread is a dynamic, straightforward and sincere Tuscany.

Website: L’Asinello

La Bottega del 30

In Villa a Sesta lived a couple who had an old village shop.
The Husband, every month, passed from village to village to sell his goods. The people, seeing the peddler arrive with his van, exclaimed: “The Thirty of the month has arrived”, which became the peddler’s nickname.

Going to Bottega del 30 means going to Villa a Sesta and being welcomed by the wonderful Hélène and Franco who will make you feel at home as soon as you walk through the door.

Prices: Tastint Menu, 110€.
Website: La Bottega del 30

Poggio Rosso

The gastronomic offer of Poggio Rosso blends the cuisine of Chef Enrico Bartolini with that of Chef Juan Camilo Quintero: a meeting of excellence, in the sign of the most authentic tradition and innovation with an international flavor.

Website: Poggio Rosso

Osteria Perillà

The characteristic glimpse of the village of Rocca d’Orcia which the dining room offers, and the open kitchen that allows you to admire the chef and his team at work, make the experience offered by Osteria Perillà unique.

Prices: Tasting Menu “Qui”, 85€. Tasting Menu “Là”, 95€.
Website: Osteria Perillà

Meo Modo

Meo Modo offers innovative “land to table” dining experiences with menus that reflect the seasons and are inspired by the ingredients produced on their organic farm.

Prices: Menu “7 courses”, 145€. Menu “7 Vegetarian Course”, 140€. Menu “12 courses”, 185€.
Website: Meo Modo

I Salotti

At Salotti del Patriarca, Chef Katia Maccari will make you discover a cuisine made of unique tastes where tradition is reinterpreted uniquely.

Website: I Salotti

Il Pievano

Il Pievano promises to make you discover how tradition and respect for seasonal products can be combined with inspiration and originality, in a food and wine journey that alone is worth a stay in Chianti.

Website: Il Pievano

Castello di Fighine Restaurant

In the magical and elegant atmosphere that characterizes it, Castello di Fighine Restaurant offers refined cuisine prepared with excellent and very fresh locally produced raw materials, accompanied by the wonderful setting of the Tuscan countryside.

Website: Ristorante Castello di Fighine


Linfa was born from the desire to give a place where people can take a moment for themrselves, pampered by good food.

Prices: Tasting Menu “5 courses”, 95€. Tasting Menu “7 courses”, 115€.
Website: Linfa

Sala dei Grappoli

Located in the shadow of the historic Castello Banfi, Sala dei Grappoli welcomes you in an elegant and refined setting, with creative menus and a rich selection of wines to savor the authenticity of Italian and Mediterranean cuisine and the freshest ingredients.

Prices: Tasting Menu “Ricordi, profumi e sapori”, 120€. Tasting Menu “Passeggiata in Toscana”, 90€.
Website: Sala dei Grappoli

Lucca area

2 Stars

Il piccolo principe

Intimate and welcoming environments, framed by the beauty of Viareggio, open up every day of the year to offer all lovers of refined cuisine the taste of the recipes and selected wines of Il Piccolo Principe Gourmet Restaurant.

Prices: Tasting Menu “Il mare”, 170€. Tasting Menu “La terra”, 170€. Tasting Menu “Vegetariano”, 150€.
Website: Il piccolo principe

1 Stars


Born in 1979 and evolved together with the Barbieri family, today Giglio is ferried by Chef Lorenzo Barbieri into a contemporary dimension that does not ignore culture and history, converting them into personality.

Prices: Tasting Menu “Selezione”, 70€. Tasting Menu “Espressione”, 100€.
Website: Giglio


Bistrot was born in 1990 from the desire to change, stand out and propose a high-level cuisine, with an elegant and refined culinary philosophy, in a short time consecrating itself as one of the best places on the Verselinese coast.

Website: Bistrot


At Lorenzo‘s, the refinement of the cuisine, the quality of the raw materials, the wide selection of wines, the care in the service, and the elegance of the environment celebrate every day the pleasure of the table and the joy of conviviality. For an experience that is hard to forget.

Website: Lorenzo

Lux Lucis

The rich biodiversity present on the coast of Forte dei Marmi combined with the creativity and experience of Chef Valentino Cassanelli gives life to Lux Lucis dishes that are the pure expression of Italian cuisine.

Website: Lux Lucis


In the glamorous atmosphere of Lunasia, the starred Chef Luca Landi offers the opportunity to live a gastronomic experience at the highest levels, through a mix of classicism and innovation, aesthetics and flavor, colors and scents that transform each course into an authentic work of culinary art.

Prices: Menu “5 courses”, 100€. Menu “7 courses”, 130€.
Website: Lunasia

Grosseto area

2 Stars


When Chef Valeria Piccini creates her dishes, she is inspired by the love for her land, the Maremma, combining the peasant tradition with the contemporary one and ranging between strong tastes, played on contrasts of aromas, textures, and temperatures in an alchemy of scents and colors.

Website: Caino

1 Star

La Trattoria Enrico Bartolini

La Trattoria Enrico Bartolini is an elegant gourmet tavern dedicated to the most authentic local cuisine, interpreted with creativity and lightness for an immediate, yet refined palate experience.

Website: La Trattoria Enrico Bartolini

Arezzo area

1 Star

Il Falconiere

Il Falconiere is born in the ancient lemon house of Villa Baracchi, where Chef Silvia Baracchi creates dishes of the highest quality with raw materials at km0, respecting the season for a perfect balance between territory and experimentation.

Website: Il Falconiere

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