Free spas in Tuscany: the thermal springs not to be missed


Free spas in Tuscany: the thermal springs not to be missed

Are you dreaming of a weekend where you can combine nature, special waters with exclusive properties and lot of relax? Thanks to the presence of numerous thermal water deposits, Tuscany is the Italian region that boasts the most free natural spas.
Let yourself be captured by the pristine beauty and give yourself a wellness stay!

Here is our selection of the most beautiful and unmissable natural spas in Tuscany, where you can relax, regain the perfect physical and mental fitness and try a truly regenerating experience!

The most beautiful natural spas in Tuscany

Le Cascate del Mulino di Saturnia 

Not far from the ancient village of Saturnia, there are the Cascate del Mulino, a magical place to be discovered! Of ancient origin, the waters of Saturnia were already loved in the Etruscan and Roman times. Today they represent the most popular tourist attraction of the Tuscan Maremma and are considered the most beautiful free spas in Tuscany. In addition to their incredible beauty, the Cascate del Mulino di Saturnia are a phenomenal destination also for the beneficial and healing properties of the thermal waters.

The waters are sulphurous and rich in natural elements and gush out at a temperature of 37 degrees, a pleasantly warm temperature, highly appreciated especially during the winter. The panorama around is beautiful: the waterfalls are surrounded by the splendid Maremma countryside that frames this magnificent picture! These natural and free spas are open all year round and are completely free. They are particularly striking at night, with the full moon!



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Terme libere in Toscana- Saturnia

Terme Libere Bagni di San Filippo 

Located in the south of Tuscany, in Val d’Orcia, the thermal baths of San Filippo are simply enchanting! Its thermal waters created a magical landscape made up of small pools, limestone formations and waterfalls. Fosso Bianco is the ideal destination for lovers of nature and thermal water. The first basins and the first limestone formations, are located right at the beginning of the path. If you want to swim in the sulphurous waters, you need to reach the Cascata della Balena, a large block of limestone that recalls the animal’s mouth. In this area, the water reaches a temperature of 48 degrees, allowing bathing even in winter. From the top of the limestone formation the thermal waters fall from a beautiful waterfall, going to settle in the natural pools. The clear colors of the water, in contrast with the colors of the forest, create a unique atmosphere of its kind.

Access to the entire Fosso Bianco area is free. The incredible properties of these thermal waters were already known to the Romans, who had been attracted to this area by the naturalistic and landscape beauties.



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Piscine termali Bagni di Petriolo

Easily accessible from Siena, the free thermal baths of Petriolo represent the ideal place for a day of sun, relaxation and a thermal bath! The natural spas are located around a source on the Farma stream and consist of a series of pools with thermal waters composed of hydrogen sulphide, free carbon dioxide, calcium and fluorine. The water comes out of the source at a temperature of 43 degrees. Thanks to the high temperature, the natural spas of Petriolo can be used in any season of the year, even in the colder months.

Given the scenic beauty, we recommend a trekking route on foot or by bike. Also, in the warmer months, you can go swimming in the nearby stream.



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Bagno Vignoni: le terme libere della Val d’Orcia

Immersed in the Val d’Orcia, a few kilometers from Siena, Bagno Vignoni is a unique village in the world. In Piazza delle Sorgenti, you will find a medieval rectangular tub full of hot thermal water,. Around the pool there are elegant buildings that during the Renaissance hosted noble families on holiday in Bagno Vignoni. Today, the thermal pool is unfortunately not suitable for swimming, but admiring the smoke rising from the boiling water creates a truly suggestive context.

The thermal water cross the town through a stone pipeline where you can dip your feet in front of the splendid landscape of the Val d’Orcia.

Its bucolic landscape and the particularity of the village attracts thousands of tourists every year.


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Terme libere di San Casciano ai Bagni

We are located in the province of Siena, in San Casciano, one of the richest areas of springs and spas in Tuscany. The free spas of San Casciano, now appreciated all over the world, have been used for over two millennia. This outdoor paradise is located near Monte Cetona and enjoys a breathtaking view. Surrounded by thick woods and pristine basins, it represents the ideal place to connect to nature and enjoy a good retreat. Thermal water maintains a temperature of about 40 degrees and is rich in properties and mineral salts essential for the proper functioning of our body.

The visit to the Free Spas of San Casciano is recommended especially in autumn or winter, you will really enjoy the hot water. It’s the ideal place to spend some time without stress awaits you.



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