Starred restaurants in Tuscany 2019: list of Michelin stars, photos and price

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Starred restaurants in Tuscany 2019: list of Michelin stars, photos and price

The starred restaurants of Tuscany overlook art cities, historic villages, hills and panoramic views with a unique charm. All of these restaurants boast a particular attention to the quality of raw materials and local products and, thanks to the personality of every chef, who express their own creativity with delicate masterpieces that gratify the palate.

Tuscany with 36 awards, ranked fifth in the Italian Michelin Guide 2019 for the number of starred restaurants, confirmed as one of the best regions in Italy for gastronomical excellence.

Here we offer a practical guide to discover the starred restaurants of Tuscany where art and culinary creativity will really surprise you.

We have selected them for you and divided by province and assigned stars.

Florence area

3 Stars

Enoteca Pinchiorri

It was 2004 when the Enoteca Pinchiorri, located in the center of Florence, got for the first time the three Michelin stars, becoming one of the most prestigious restaurants in Italy. Since then the Pinchiorri has been a continuous confirmation: the owners Giorgio Pinchiorri and Annie Féolde, have been able to bring their proposal to the top of contemporary cuisine.

High quality raw materials, refined cuisine and the plating of dishes, with a careful and attentive service, in an elegant and comfortable venue: these are the strong points of the Enoteca Pinchiorri, the only Tuscan 3-stars restaurant

Prices: Seven courses tasting menu -275 euros

website: Enoteca Pinchiorri


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2 Stars

Borgo San Jacopo

Inside one of the most suggestive hotels in Florence, Borgo San Jacopo restaurant offers an excellent gastronomical experience to get along with a memorable panorama on the Ponte Vecchio. Behind the top dishes of the new chef, Claudio Mengoni, there is a great attention to the quality of raw materials and to the innovation in the way of cooking. The starting point is always the single ingredient, around which the Tuscan cook creates the dish.

Among the classic of the menu we suggest you:
Cooked and raw vegetables with tomato sorbet and fig molasses
Porchetta suckling pig with scorzonera, shallot from the port and Dijon mustard
Calamarata with redfish, broccoli and tarragon.

Prices: Seven courses tasting menu – 150 euros

website: Borgo San Jacopo


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1 Star

La Bottega del Buon Caffè

An elegant and sophisticated venue, with an open kitchen that highlights the delicacies prepared by chef Antonello Sardi. “From nature to the plate”, is the philosophy of the Bottega del Buon Caffè, which allows guests to enjoy   harvested in their gardens. The desserts and the wines make this place even more fascinating.

Prices: Four courses lunch menu – 80 euros, Seven courses tasting menu – 145 euros

website: La Bottega del Buon Caffè


Leggenda dei Frati

In a very suggestive location, inside the historic Palazzo Baldrini, Filippo Saporito and his wife Ombretta Giovannini, will pamper you with their culinary creations.
The gastronomic proposals are aimed at discovering local traditions and culture.

Many dishes that will delight you:
The beetroot carpaccio with capers, citrus fruits, vegan mayonnaise and pear
Potato cream with red Mazara shrimp
The terrine of livers with Colonnata lard.
Prices: Five courses tasting menu “Per noi classici” – 115 euros, seven courses tasting menu “La via di mezzo” – 130 euros, “Gran menu dei frati” nine courses menu – 145 euros

website: Leggenda dei Frati


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Il Palagio

Located within the enchanting setting of Palazzo della Gherardesca, Il Palagio welcomes its customers in an elegant venue with a privileged view of the beautiful inner gardens.
The menu proposed by the executive chef, Vito Mollica, represents the perfect combination of regional tradition and innovation. A unique ensemble that releases so much Italianness in its dishes, in a proposal that tries to satisfy the most demanding palates with the best dishes of Italian cuisine.

Prices: Five courses tasting menu – 145 euros, five courses vegetarian menu 135 euros

website: Il Palagio


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Ora d’Aria

This restaurant has a cozy and elegant mood, expressed even by luxury details never flaunted. The Ora d’Aria restaurant, led by Marco Stabile, perfectly reflects the chef’s philosophy that promotes refined cuisine made of quality and transparency, characteristics that are found in every corner of the restaurant, starting from the kitchen, overlooking the street and the hall.

The same can be said of the wine cellar, focused on Tuscany, of course, without forgetting the rest of Italy and France.

Prices: Tasting menu “L’ora stabile” eleven courses with book included 150 euros, “Esperienza toscana”menu, five small portions 40 euros (only at lunch)

website: Ora d’Aria

La Torre

Obtained from the former stables of the Castello del Nero, just outside Florence, it’s a very charming and suggestive place, where the quality of the ingredients rules. The cuisine of chef Giovanni Luca Di Pirro can be defined savory and territorial: oil and vegetables are produced inside the Estate. Also excellent is the wine list, focused on local wines.

Among the dishes, we suggest the crunchy organic egg on Parmesan cream and herb cream, very spectacular.

Prices: Four courses tasting menu – 110 euros, five courses tasting menu -130 euros, four courses Vegetarian menu 90 euros.

website: La Torre

Osteria di Passignano

This restaurant is located next to the monastery complex of Badia a Passignano. The venue is extremely comfortable and inviting and the service attentive. The menu shows a particular attention to the seasonality of the ingredients, a constant search for the best raw materials to enhance the simple and genuine flavors of the local tradition.

It offers an excellent Chianti Classico Riserva, produced in the surrounding vineyards by the same Antinori family.

Prices: Five courses tasting menu – 90 euros

website: Osteria di Passignano

Winter Garden by Caino

The restaurant of the luxury hotel St. Regis is managed by 2 multi-starred chefs: Valeria Piccini and Michele Griglio. Together, they have been able to innovate the art of plating, offering guests a tasteful menu.

Prices: Lunch menu with one dish, a dessert and a glass of wine – 40 euros, four courses tasting menu -120 euros

website: Winter Garden by Caino

Siena area

2 Stars


Arnolfo is located in the historic center of Colle Val d’Elsa, in province of Siena. Housed in an ancient XVI century building, the restaurant offers a panoramic terrace and two private dining rooms.

Thanks to the creativity and high training of chef Gaetano Trovato, specialties based on organic products are prepared in the kitchen. The genuine flavors of the Crete Senesi are revisited with a contemporary taste. The raw material is always the base of the dish, with particular attention to vegetable products.

Prices: Tasting Menu “Evoluzioni contemporanee” 160 euros, Tasting Menu “Essenze del territorio” 140 euros, Tasting Menu “Architetture vegetali” 120 euros.

website: Arnolfo

1 Stella


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1 Star

Osteria Perillà

Osteria Perillà with its chef Marcello Corrado, revisits a vast repertoire of traditional dishes and ancient flavors of Italian cuisine, using excellent raw materials produced by the farm owned by the restaurant, Podere Forte.

Excellent sourdough bread, together with the delicious focaccia of rye flour and potatoes. Not to mention the foie gras escalope with strawberry grape ice cream and black cherries: perfect cooking returns an unexpected delicacy, also thanks to the quality of the ingredients.

Prices: “Qui” tasting menu 85 euro, “Là” tasting menu 90 euro, “Qui e Là” tasting menu 130 euro

website: Osteria Perillà
Osteria Perillà sala


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Cum Quibus

This restaurant is in San Gimignano, in Siena area. In an ancient palace dating back to the XIII century, you can discover the culinary proposal of Cum Quibus, a small restaurant that focuses entirely on the mix of Mediterranean tradition with Japanese and French influences.
The dishes are characterized by interesting and never predictable combinations (like the scallop with onion, horseradish and grapefruit, for example, or the Luciana octopus buttons with plum and provola). The staff will make you experience a 360 ° sensory journey.

Five courses tasting menu – 90 euros, seven courses tasting menu – 110 euros, nine courses tasting menu – 125 euros.

website: Cum Quibus

I Salotti del Patriarca

From the vegetable garden to the plate is the philosophy of the I Salotti del Patriarca restaurant. The restaurant, located inside a hotel, makes its vegetable garden a source of pride. In fact, from there come many of the raw materials, vegetables, seasonal fruits and aromas used by chef Katia Maccari, who revisits the flavors of Tuscany in a modern and creative way.
The wine cellar offers a wide choice of DOCG wines.

Prices: “Terra” tasting menu 90 euros, “Aqva” tasting menu 110 euros

website: I Salotti del Patriarca

Castello di Fighine

In Fighine there is an imposing XI century castle, a private property completely renovated over the past 15 years. Located 650 meters above sea level, it is the ideal place to enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of the Tuscan hills and represents an ideal opportunity to taste a delightful cuisine, made of top quality specialties such as foie gras or chianina, duck or lamb, all accompanied by the vast selection of Tuscan wine labels and other Italian excellences offered by the prestigious local cellar.

Prices: seven courses tasting menu – 95 euros.

website: Castello di Fighine

La Bottega del 30

At Villa a Sesta, a small hamlet in the Sienese Chianti area, more than 30 years ago the Bottega del 30 was born thanks to Franco Camelia and his wife Hélène Stoquelet. The cuisine recalls pure Tuscanity as it revisits the recipes with charm and class and at the same time with authenticity. Each dish is a sensorial discovery that takes you back to the scents and flavors of the past, almost forgotten today.

Prices: Tasting menu – 110 euros

website: La Bottega del 30

Ristorante al 43

Ristorante al 43 is the second starred restaurant in San Gimignano. Here the magnificence of the Tuscan countryside blends perfectly with the food excellence proposed by the chef Maurizio Bardotti. His cuisine is a skillful combination of classic and innovation that amazes because of his creativity and some unusual combinations with local flavors such as lobster with tzatziki and finocchiona and melon. The seafood menu and the meat menu offer a wide range of delights.

Tasting menu “Rapsodia” – 100 euro, Tasting menu “Le origini” – 85 euro, Vegan Testing menu – 75 euro.

sito internet: Ristorante al 43
Ristorante Al 43

Lucca area

2 Stars

Il Piccolo Principe

The sea view, the wide spaces, the historical details and the cuisine of Giuseppe Mancino are the perfect combination offered by of the starred restaurant of Principe di Piemonte hotel.
The chef Giuseppe is a lover of creative cuisine but with a classic approach, which does not alter the flavors and which enhances the taste. The inspirations of his cuisine are largely Tuscan, with inspiration from Campania and surroundings: crispy red mullet and Gragnano pasta, sushi with Tuscan meat, pecorino cheese and white truffle, foie gras with strawberries are just some of the dishes on the menu at the Piccolo Principe, to taste with a wine of the prestigious list of Italian and foreign excellences.

Prices: Tasting menu 140-220 euros.

website: Il Piccolo Principe

1 Star

Lux Lucis

Located on the terrace of the Hotel Principe Forte dei Marmi, an amazing setting between sea and mountains, Lux Lucis is a modern and extremely refined restaurant with large windows everywhere.
The dishes of chef Valentino Cassanelli offer the chance to live a unique sensorial experience.

Pieces: “On the Road” tasting menu – 170 euros, “Tuffo Nel Territorio” tasting menu – 120 euros, “Sintesi” tasting menu – 60 euros.

website: Lux Lucis


This historic restaurant located in a beautiful XVIII century building is today a point of reference for lovers of contemporary cuisine thanks to the energy, enthusiasm and teamwork of Stefano Terigi, Lorenzo Stefanini and Benedetto Rullo. Their cuisine, in fact, is tasty and pleasant with a strong character. Here creativity is combined with concreteness: the territory and the traditions aren’t forgotten!

Prices: Tasting menu “I nostri classici” – 45 euros, five courses tasting menu – 55 euros, Tasting menu “Espressione” – 90 euros.

sito internet: Giglio


In a fascinating Versilia, for over 30 years, the menu of the Lorenzo restaurant offers “a story of passion for excellence”. Elegant hall, impeccable service, attention to detail and a great feeling for welcome: in other words, an exclusive atmosphere, indeed comfortable. The chef offers both seafood and meat menus, although fish is the undisputed protagonist and is often accompanied by the mayonnaise handmade by chef Lorenzo himself.

Prices: Tasting menu 90 euros

website: Lorenzo


With its 50 years of history and despite the countless successes achieved, Romano restaurant has managed to maintain a splendid homey welcome, always characterized by high professionalism. The menu boasts first-rate fish in the main dishes: squid filled with vegetables and crustaceans, fried zucchini flowers stuffed with scampi, crustaceans and shellfish au gratin; these are just some of Romano’s classic dishes, surprising for their freshness, fragrance and balance.

Prices: Tasting menu “Un pò di ieri, un pò di oggi” – 110 euros

website: Romano

La Magnolia

We move to the Versilia sea. The Byron hotel, a few meters from the beach, in Versilia area, houses La Magnolia restaurant. Led by chef Cristoforo Trapani, La Magnolia is one of the places that lightens the gastronomic panorama of Forte dei Marmi with a “Tuscan-Campania fusion” cuisine, as the chef himself likes to define it.

The high quality of the cuisine, the elegance and exclusiveness of the restaurant spaces also make it a perfect venue for weddings and events.

Prices: Tasting menu 90-150 euros.

website: La Magnolia
Piatto Gourmet ristorante La Magnolia


The Vaiani family is renowned for their great passion for traditional cuisine since 1971.
The Bistrot is one of the reference points of Versilia’s catering. The restaurant is divided into three exclusive areas: two internal rooms and a large and fresh outdoor area, ideal during the summer.
The menu has the fresh fish as protagonist. You can find some meat-based dishes, mostly local, such as the Pig of the Apuan Alps with wood-fired zucchini and elderflower. The underground cellar ensures a wide selection of wines that make up a varied and prestigious list with constantly updated wine labels.

Prices: Menu 100 euros

sito internet: Bistrot

Meo Modo

Immersed in the deep Sienese countryside, Meo Modo is housed in a XIII century villa, restored and part of a 5 stars luxury boutique hotel. The flagship of this restaurant is certainly its own agricultural production made of seasonal products grown on the two hundred hectares of the Borgo San Pietro estate. The new chef, Nicola Gronchi, offers innovative culinary experiences which can be savored on the splendid terrace overlooking the Serena Valley.

Prices: six courses tasting menu – 125 euros, eight courses tasting menu – 150 euros, twelve courses tasting menu – 180 euros.

website: Meo Modo


This restaurant located on the outskirts of Lucca is called as the Giacomo Puccini’s opera. Butterfly began his adventure in 1997 thanks to chef Fabrizio and his wife Mariella, maitre and sommelier. The restaurant, surrounded by a large park, is furnished in a rustic – elegant style, with original terracotta floors, silk curtains and cream-colored 1930s armchairs. Cuisine is innovative but at the same time traditional, based on slow cooking methods with the best raw materials of the area. The chef’s creativity is expressed not only in the plating of the dishes, but also in the combination of the different ingredients.

Prices: “Cibo ed emozioni” tasting menu – 100 euros, “I sapori del mare” tasting menu – 85 euros, “Tra la tradizione e l’innovazione” tasting menu – 85 euros

website: Butterfly


2 Stars


In the town of Massima Marittima, the Bracali restaurant is an excellence of Tuscan cuisine. Opened over 40 years ago by Manuela and Luciano, it was born as a small tavern with home cooking.
The big change comes with their children, Luca and Francesco, who with constancy and dedication have transformed the tavern into a sort of “laboratory of taste”. The Bracali brothers offer succulent and refined cuisine, in order to enhance every ingredient.

Prices: Tasting menu – 130 and 190 euros

website: Bracali


In Montemerano, the excellent cuisine of Caino restaurant has become one of the most popular in Maremma. The chef Valeria Piccini offers its guests food proposals with clear and precise flavors, played on contrasts of aromas, temperatures and textures.
This is a place where you can immediately and clearly perceive the passion and desire to continue giving the best to the customers, an experience you won’t forget.

Prices: “Piatti storici” tasting menu – 140 euros, Great tasting menu “Piccoli assaggi della cucina di stagione” – 170 euros

website: Da Caino a Montemerano


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🇮🇹: Ravioli di pollo alla cacciatora con brodo e ribes. A playful take on chicken 🐓 cacciatora with broth and currant. Cacciatora = “hunter style”, a classic Italian dish, usually prepared by braising chicken with a rich savory sauce made up of onions, garlic, and tomatoes 🍅. First mentions of ravioli were found in the 14th century and was served with broth until tomatoes arrived from the New World via the Columbian exchange. The word “ravioli” comes from the Italian riavvolgere, which means “to wrap.” A dumpling which takes many shapes and classified as traditional Italian food. ________________________ Caino is a stone house nine table Relais & Chateux designated ristorante with two Michelin stars 🌟 in the charming hilltop medieval 🏰 village of Montemerano serving Maremma cuisine (coastal area of western central Italy). Guarding the local culinary traditions of southern Tuscany whilst singing the praises of the region❗️Head chef @valeriapiccinichef 👩‍🍳 and the kitchen also has a Japanese 🇯🇵 chef @shuhei6810 .

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1 Star

Il Pellicano

Attention to detail and passion distinguish the refined cuisine of Il Pellicano restaurant. The executive chef Michelino Gioia offers a cuisine ranging from seafood to meat menus made with fresh products, based on seasonality. In his menus, with a creative imprint and a strong personality, there is never a shortage of what he calls “his favorite products”, such as pigeon, oysters, red mullet, blue lobster and prawns.

Prices: Tasting menu 160 euros.

website: Il Pellicano

La Trattoria Enrico Bartolini

At L’Andana Tenuta La Badiola, in the heart of Tuscan Maremma, Trattoria Enrico Bartolini merges flavors of a typically and genuinely Tuscan experience, in a unique culinary style that blends classicism and modernity.
The ingredients are those grown in the vegetable gardens of the estate and the dishes vary according to the seasonality of the raw materials. To enhance this triumph of flavors, the combination with the best wines of the cellar is a must; the list has more than 150 labels, including the wines produced by the cellars owned by the Moretti family.

Prices: Tasting menu 100 euros.

website: La Trattoria Enrico Bartolini

Il Silene

In Seggiano, a hamlet at the slopes of Monte Amiata, there is Il Silene restaurant. Every detail of this place conveys elegance and refined taste, both in the furnishings and in the cuisine of chef Roberto, the pulsating soul of this place. The menu offers dishes based on local raw materials (vegetables come from the garden next to the restaurant) and traditional recipes with a contemporary twist: one, two or three ingredients to ensure that true taste is not lost and flavors can be traced back to the territory.

Prices: Tasting menu 120 euros

website: Il Silene


1 Star

Il Falconiere

Il Falconiere restaurant, located inside the magnificent Relais with the same name, is led by the young chef Silvia Bracchi. The high quality of the ingredients, the attention to the seasonality and the use of local products are the guiding principles of all the dishes on the menu, enhanced by a wide selection of wines. Il Falconiere presents itself as a proposal capable of stimulating the most demanding palates and at the same time satisfying who likes simplicity.

Prices: Tasting menu 85-125 euros.

website: Il Falconiere


1 Star

Il Pievano

Located in the Castello di Spaltenna, there is a beautiful restaurant with swimming pool, where the young chef Stelios Sakalis offers a menu inspired by local traditions with contaminations deriving from his origins: Greece. The first dish in the menu, the Tuscan panzanella hidden in the Greek salad, symbolizes this. Here you will discover how tradition and respect for the products of each season can be perfectly combined with inspiration and originality.
The extensive wine list includes many Italian excellences.

Prices: “Territorio” tasting menu 90 euros, “Origini” tasting menu 90 euros, “Esperienza” tasting menu 120 euros.

website: Il Pievano

Poggio Rosso

The cuisine of the Poggio Rosso restaurant represents one of the spearheads of Tuscan food & wine sector. Thanks to a careful selection of raw materials of rigorous local origin and the ability to combine ancient and modern, the cuisine fully reflects the accommodation proposal of Borgo San Felice, a luxury Relais & Chateaux in Tuscany.

Prices: Tasting menu 65-85 euros.

website: Poggio Rosso


1 Star


Among the soft Tuscan hills, the Atman restaurant is located in the charming villa Rospigliosi.
The gastronomic proposal of Marco Cahssai, pupil of Igles Corelli, is a creative, refined and innovative cuisine with international touches. The rich wine list, consisting of 500 labels chosen from the best Italian, French and German wines, and 100 champagne labels, is signed by the passion of the sommelier Samuele Del Carlo.

Prices: “Moto a luogo” tasting menu 115 euro.

website: Atman


1 Star

La Pineta

La Pineta restaurant was born together with a small beach resort, a story of the passion for cooking and the sea; the absolute protagonist is fresh fish, treated in any way, from simple grilling to more complex preparations, such as prawns with vinsanto or creamed cod millefeuille. Quality, freshness and focus on territory have always been the centerpiece of this cuisine.

Prices: Tasting Menu – 80 euros, Tasting Menu “I preferiti di Luciano” – 75 euros, Tasting Menu “Degustazione storica” – 85 euros.

website: La Pineta

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